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Why should I hire a dog walker to walk my dog during the day?
Most dogs are very energetic, especially in their first five years, and crave mental and physical stimulation.  When dogs have no outlet for this stimulation, their behavior can yield undesirable results, such as excessive barking, jumping, and even being destructive to their surroundings by chewing, tearing and digging.  A vigorous walk or two during the day can help redirect that energy, while also providing socialization, weight management, and longevity.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes.  Mile High K9 Concierge is insured and bonded through Pet Sitter Associates.  Rest assured that while in our care, your home, property and pets will be covered.  To view our certificate of insurance, please click here.  Please note that your pets are required to be up to date on their vaccines.

How do I know you actually walked my dog?
We will text or e-mail you when we arrive, as well as when we have completed service.  Our correspondence can include a GPS map of our walk, including location and duration.  We can also provide photos and general notes at your request.

Will I be getting the same walker every time?
Yes.  We feel it is important for your dog to have consistency in their walkers.  Only in an emergency situation would we send a different walker, and that person would generally be Rob, the owner of Mile High K9 Concierge.  We will notify you in advance if a different walker will be utilized.

Do you walk large groups of dogs?
No.  We want to provide individual service to your dog(s) only.  We allow them to sniff and explore in their familiar areas without the distraction of walking with other dogs they may not know or like.  We will walk up to three dogs from the same household together.

Do you let dogs off leash?
No.  While you may allow your dog to be off leash, we cannot ensure their safety and wellbeing if they are not on leash with us.  For this reason, we do not visit off-leash dog parks, either.  The only time your dog will be off leash is in your home or your fenced-in yard.

Do you require a minimum number of walks each week?
No.  We want to be there for you when you need us, without a minimum requirement.  That said, providing consistent daily walks for your pet is ideal, and we do offer additional frequency discounts for our clients who use our services regularly.  If our daily schedule becomes full, our clients who commit to multiple walks each week will receive priority scheduling.

Do you offer overnight dog sitting?
Not at this time.  While we can check-in on your dogs and cats in your home, we do not offer overnight accommodations.

Do you require keys to my house?
Yes, we require two sets of keys to your home.  Additionally, we will need to know any alarm codes, gate codes, etc in order to gain access to your residence.  Note that your keys in our care will not be identified with your name or address, only your customer number, and are only accessible to the owner and your primary dog walker.

Do you have a referral program?
Absolutely!  We love referrals and want to reward you for contributing to our growth.  When you refer someone to Mile High K9 Concierge, as soon as they reach $100 in spending, we will credit your account with $50 towards any of our services.  There is no limit to the number of referrals you can accrue.  The more people you refer, the more credit you get!  Be sure to let them know to mention your referral at the time of our initial consultation to receive proper credit.

Do you walk aggressive dogs?
We love all dogs, and we do not discriminate against any breeds.  If your dog is aggressive, we will work to gain your dog’s trust by controlling their environment as much as possible, and rewarding positive behavior.  That said, if we feel your dog is a potential threat to us, we will have to suspend our services.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?
Our normal hours are Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Services requested outside of those days/times are based on availability, and are subject to an additional $5 premium per service, per day.  If services requested fall on a holiday, and also on a weekend or after-hours, the fee is $8 per service per day. 

Our regular observed holidays include:
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

What is your cancellation policy?
There is no cancellation fee if you cancel service at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled service.  Same day cancellations are subject to a $5 cancellation fee, but you will not be charged for the originally scheduled service.

How do I schedule your services?
Your initial services can be scheduled through our Contact Us page on our website, or you can call us at 720-409-2100.  Prior to your initial service, we will make an in-home visit with you, so we can meet you and your pets, pick-up your TWO sets of keys with notes on alarm codes, gate codes, etc., and discuss where collars, leashes and harnesses are kept, and where to find your pet’s food, treats, toys, etc.  Once you have been established as a client, you will be able to schedule services and pay your invoices directly through our website.

How do I pay for your services?
You can either pay via credit card or PayPal through our website, or if you prefer, you can mail us a check.  Our address is: Mile High K9 Concierge, 8163 W Eastman Pl, Unit 17-106, Lakewood, CO 80227.